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10-12-17 OTT Blog

Digital Video Breakdown: OTT Defined

What is OTT? Over-the-Top (OTT), or Connected TV (CTV), is an internet connected TV or device used to watch streaming video and TV content outside of cable or traditional broadcast stations. Currently, 51 million U.S. households have an OTT device and that number is expected to grow 28% by 2021, making OTT a channel marketers […]

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9.26.17 Harvey & the Media Blog

Hurricanes and the Media

Well before Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas on August 25th, the media was bracing for a storm of its own. Local and National news increased coverage, sending reporters to the field for rainy eyewitness accounts of the largest hurricane to threaten the Gulf Coast in decades. And, as the devastating effects of the storm […]

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Media Spotlight: Casey Schmiegel

Editor’s note: “Media Spotlight” is an ongoing series where we interview a wide range of professionals that make up our growing office. From traditional media to digital strategists, you’ll gain insight into the experts who make up Media Works team. This week, we interviewed Casey Schmiegel. #MWSpotlight How long have you worked in media/advertising? Almost 3 years! […]

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9-7-17 Fall TV Reboot Blog Website

Old Shows Make a New Comeback this Fall in Prime

What was once considered “old” is new again on TV this Fall! Viewers will see reboots, remakes and spinoffs of old familiar shows coming back to the small screen. The concept isn’t new, but it’s growing in popularity. One Day at a Time and Fuller House are already on Netflix; 24 Legacy ran on Fox […]

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8-7-17 Virtual Assistant Blog

Alexa, how are you skewing my Search results?

While voice-powered virtual assistants have been around for several years, new advancements have been made to enhance the consumer experience. Ad campaigns for Alexa, Google Home, and Siri show how easy it is to use these devices and promote the convenience of using a voice-activated device to access information and purchase product. This week, Media […]

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