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What we do.

In recent years, healthcare has undergone massive change. Consumers have greater control over their own healthcare decisions and have many options for specialty care. With so many options, consumers have become inundated with healthcare messages and it is no surprise that healthcare-related keywords are a top search online. In today’s ever-changing landscape, Media Works recognizes the importance of breaking through and reaching the healthcare consumer when they are most likely to engage.

We understand how to talk to potential patients about their healthcare.

We’ve worked with health care groups, such as LifeBridge Health which includes two hospitals, a geriatric center, a nursing and rehabilitation center, and a health and fitness center. We’ve introduced new physicians groups; we’ve launched the opening of point-of-service health centers; we’ve introduced new procedures as well as increasing the volume of outpatient and inpatient services. Media Works is an experienced partner who can help you succeed.

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