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2016 NFL Ratings Recap: Why Were They so…BAD?

It’s no secret the NFL had a rough year in 2016. With significant ratings under-performance early in the season, many were left wondering, why are the ratings so bad? Between the drama of the Manning-Brady-Romo QB debates at the start of the season, the negative press surrounding Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem protest, and the competition […]

Comments  /  Sam Noel


Fall TV Preview: So Many Good Shows, So Little Time

The launch of the Networks’ TV Fall prime time schedule is here and this season, we’re seeing a variety of new shows trying to win the Prime time battle. Across the five broadcast networks, there are 20 new shows launching between now and the end of October. With increased competition from original scripted shows on […]

Comments  /  Jordan Mcgill

8-2-16 Olympics Sponsors

New Risks Surrounding the Olympics: Tweeting Could be Risky for Non-official Sponsors

The 2016 Summer Olympics is already riddled with talk of risk, from health concerns surrounding Zika and polluted water, to safety issues at venues and even in the Athlete’s Village. However, Olympics sponsors could also be facing some risks when it comes to promoting their affiliation with the Olympics games through social and other forms […]

Comments  /  Gabby Weissburg

7-14-16 Hot Summer Cable Shows SM

Top 5 Summer TV Thrillers

  Summer is prime time for hot new Cable TV shows, but this season, viewers will be mesmerized by intense stories of crime, mystery and romance. Get ready for chills and action that will have you on the edge of your seat this summer! Here are Media Works’ picks for hot new Cable TV thrillers: […]

Comments  /  Kelsie Ahern

4-14-16 FCC Spectrum for Dummies

FCC Broadcast Incentive Auction for Dummies: What is it, why do we need it and what will it mean for our future?

On Tues. March 29th, many of us were blissfully unaware of the fact that the FCC started its broadcast incentive auction. This process involves the selling of broadcast spectrum rights, owned by local TV stations, to the FCC – who in turn will attempt to sell them to wireless broadband providers to address the increasing […]

Comments  /  Megan Olson