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10-12-17 OTT Blog

Digital Video Breakdown: OTT Defined

What is OTT? Over-the-Top (OTT), or Connected TV (CTV), is an internet connected TV or device used to watch streaming video and TV content outside of cable or traditional broadcast stations. Currently, 51 million U.S. households have an OTT device and that number is expected to grow 28% by 2021, making OTT a channel marketers […]

Comments  /  Rachel Glasser

9-7-17 Fall TV Reboot Blog Website

Old Shows Make a New Comeback this Fall in Prime

What was once considered “old” is new again on TV this Fall! Viewers will see reboots, remakes and spinoffs of old familiar shows coming back to the small screen. The concept isn’t new, but it’s growing in popularity. One Day at a Time and Fuller House are already on Netflix; 24 Legacy ran on Fox […]

Comments  /  Julie Block Padden

7-14-17 Summer Game Shows

Summertime is Game Show Time

This summer, game shows are taking over prime time TV.  Across the major networks, there is a surge of light-hearted, family-friendly game show programs that are free of politics, social issues and controversy, and just focus on fun. Unlike TV narrative series where viewers need to watch each week to stay current, game shows allow […]

Comments  /  Rachel Molloy

2017 March Madness SM

March Madness Ratings Madness

After an exciting and, in many cases, heartbreaking three weeks of basketball, March Madness ended with North Carolina raising the National Championship banner. The tournament had its ups and downs. There were some unexpected wins and several unpredictable losses. However, when it comes to TV ratings and viewership, the 2017 Tournament was nothing but positive. […]

Comments  /  Sam Noel


2016 NFL Ratings Recap: Why Were They so…BAD?

It’s no secret the NFL had a rough year in 2016. With significant ratings under-performance early in the season, many were left wondering, why are the ratings so bad? Between the drama of the Manning-Brady-Romo QB debates at the start of the season, the negative press surrounding Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem protest, and the competition […]

Comments  /  Sam Noel