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5-12-17 Moms Media Blog Site

Moms and Media

What defines a “Mom” these days? Today, Moms have become the ultimate multi-taskers, juggling kids, work, transportation and regular household duties on a daily basis. Moms interact with a variety of media platforms throughout the day, and because they are key indicators of consumer trends, Marketers are constantly looking for ways to reach them. This […]

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The NFL Experience – On Twitter

As a young child, I remember sitting in front of the TV equipped with a “bunny ear” antenna, watching the Washington Redskins play. During those days, cable box sets weren’t what they are today. You could not pause live TV, nor could you record shows digitally.  Also, we lived in a world without the Internet. […]

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7-29-16 Snapchat Advertising Blog SM

Advertising in the Snapchat Generation

  This week, we take a close look at Snapchat, ways advertisers can currently advertise to a young, socially engaged audience, and where we see this app evolving over the next few years. Snapchat’s Appeal to Millennials Even though Snapchat is a few years old, it recently became one of the most popular apps for […]

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3-4-16 Facebook New Features

Facebook Rolls Out the Latest in Updates with Canvas Ads

 Facebook seems to be pulling out all the stops lately with updates to their platform. New ways to navigate, view ad units, and interact with users have all been included to better the user experience. Facebook’s updates have been above-the-fold news, starting with the Emoji’s a few weeks ago, then Carousel ads, on to 3D […]

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2-11-16 Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing: A Modern Twist on Product Endorsements

On average, Americans use their phones 4.7 hours per day. We also check our social media accounts seventeen times per day. Wouldn’t it be amazing if companies could capitalize on this time spent with social and mobile media, and find ways to engage consumers through the platforms they already love?   Enter Influencer Marketing. According […]

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