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3-9-17 Automotive Blog Website

2017 Automotive Industry Forecast

The automotive industry has had its share of ups and downs over the past ten years, but 2016 closed out as one of the best in a decade. Sales were 3% higher than in 2015, with $1.7 million in December alone. However, challenged with surpassing the success of 2016 and faced with the potential impact […]

Comments  /  Monica Lazarus

6-9-16 Uber Campaigns

Uber Co-Marketing Partnerships: What Will They Do Next?

Uber has done it again.  No, we’re not talking about giving away more kittens – we’re talking about creating a partnership with another big brand.  This time, Uber became BFFs with Toyota. Toyota announced that they will be investing in Uber to explore the evolving world of ridesharing.  As part of this partnership, Toyota will […]

Comments  /  Amy White

1-14-16 2016 Auto Forecast SM Image

Auto Forecast for 2016: Will Political Stall New Car Sales?

Putting it simply, 2015 was an awesome year for Automotive sales! For 15 years, the Auto Industry has been trying to get past the dark days of the recession and back onto the profitable side of selling cars, and 2015 was proof that sales were headed in the right direction. New car sales topped 17.5 […]

Comments  /  Monica Lazarus


Nissan Lands Huge Collegiate Sports Sponsorship!

In November of this year, Nissan made a landmark sponsorship deal with 100 Colleges and Universities across the country. The automaker is calling it the “widest reaching sponsorship in the history of collegiate sports.” While many schools may have other auto sponsorship’s already in place, Nissan believes none will be to this scale. They estimate […]

Comments  /  Beth Jenkins

Delphi Autonomous Vehicle

Self-Driving Cars Are Here! But What Does this Mean for the Auto Industry?

It took nine days for the first autonomous vehicle to travel from San Francisco to New York City, doing most of the driving on its own. The car went South to avoid heavy snow and rain. It did not drive at night. And, the three humans who sat behind the wheel rotated and were well-rested. […]

Comments  /  Megan Olson