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6-30-17 Rock Blog

The Rock Resurgence

In markets across the country, the Rock format is coming back with a vengeance. Stations are tweaking playlists and carefully selecting artists to bring listeners back to a format that lost its way over the years. Rock stations are seeing audience increases in key markets across the country and increased TSL (time spent listening) in […]

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6.15.17 Dads & Media Blog-Web

The Evolution of Dads and the Media

Today’s Dads are much different than the Dads of the past. Taking care of the kids is no longer just a job for Moms, and as fathers have become more involved with their kids and their activities, so too have the way they interact with media. Dads spend more time using digital platforms than ever […]

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5-12-17 Moms Media Blog Site

Moms and Media

What defines a “Mom” these days? Today, Moms have become the ultimate multi-taskers, juggling kids, work, transportation and regular household duties on a daily basis. Moms interact with a variety of media platforms throughout the day, and because they are key indicators of consumer trends, Marketers are constantly looking for ways to reach them. This […]

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The New Pandora MW Website

The New Pandora

Pandora’s new logo isn’t the only major change to the seventeen-year-old streaming music platform. In the past year, Pandora has evolved, with acquisitions and deals that have helped improve relationships with labels. They’ve introduced new services and a variety of products, all to enhance the user experience and position them for future growth. So, how […]

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4A's Data Summit MW Site

4A’s Data Summit: Five things we learned from the 4A’s Data Summit

Data is “crap optimized on crap.” It’s not often that a keynote speaker at a Data conference tells an audience of seasoned advertising professionals that data is “crap optimized on crap,” but that is how Rishad Tobaccowala kicked off the day. The reason we attended the conference was to learn more about data, so discrediting […]

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