Media Works’ multi-market, multi-platform strategies are the biggest driver of inquiries and info-kit requests for Erickson Living properties.

About Erickson Living

Erickson Living operates 16 retirement communities throughout the country. Each of the communities offers services and resources that provide the opportunity to seniors for a happier and more fulfilling life today.

The Marketing Objective

Boost information inquiries to drive prospective residents to Erickson Living communities.

Media Works’ Approach

After a decade of working with Erickson Living retirement communities, we have developed deep insights into senior marketing, backed by extensive research. We know how to reach the 50+ consumer—one of the country’s largest demographics.

We understand that most seniors want to maintain their independence for as long as possible. Moving out of your home is a decision that is never taken lightly. In some cases, the decision has to be made rather quickly due to outside forces, such as harsh winter weather or compromised health. To reach these seniors with the right message at the right time, we need to know how they use mass media, day-to-day. That’s how we’re able to create media recommendations that drive response—in this case, requests for information to learn more.

We know that seniors are heavy viewers of television, as daytime programming and local news are daily staples. So, for Erickson, we deployed a DRTV media strategy together with print, as seniors are heavy readers of printed newspapers. We also know that seniors have begun to embrace the digital world, especially Facebook, so we included a robust test campaign across multiple digital outposts, analyzing results and making adjustments to maximize ROI.


The DRTV campaigns proved to be highly effective in increasing call volume. And the digital media campaign increased online kit requests. Our ongoing media program continues to be the biggest driver of inquiries and kit requests for all Erickson Living properties.

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