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Moms and Media

Comments  /  Alisa Chapman

What defines a “Mom” these days? Today, Moms have become the ultimate multi-taskers, juggling kids, work, transportation and regular household duties on a daily basis. Moms interact with a variety of media platforms throughout the day, and because they are key indicators of consumer trends, Marketers are constantly looking for ways to reach them. This week, Media Works takes a closer look at Moms and how they engage with media, surveying a few of our own Moms to see how they use Media as well.

Moms have become heavy mobile users over the past few years, communicating with family members, accessing information and engaging through social media. According to Nielsen’s Q3’16 Total Audience Report, 98% of Moms own a smartphone. While using their phones, 62% of Moms used social media at least once a day (Edison Research). Of Moms using multiple social media sites in the past week, 74% used Facebook, followed by 31St who used Pinterest and 19% who used Instagram. Facebook is clearly the social medium of choice, with Smartphone Moms checking Facebook 10.5 times in 24 hours. However, Moms are also using other sites as well.

Most Moms are online users, with 93% accessing the Internet (Edison), and spending nearly three hours per day with the medium. In addition, Moms are also spending about three hours per day watching TV. Moms also prefer to watch Live TV, spending 21 hours and 32 minutes per week watching Live TV shows. (Nielsen)

Radio usage is also strong with Moms, providing Marketers with an effective way to reach them when they are not at home, and away from TV and other devices. Moms have also become heavy adaptors of Online Radio, listening for an average of 12 hours, 19 minutes per week. (Edison) In particular, more than half of Moms have used Pandora (53%). Audio Podcasts have also become popular with Moms, with 71% listening to Podcasts via a Smartphone, Tablet or other portable audio player. Most Moms listen to Podcasts at home, but listening has increased in the car from 11% in 2015 to 19% in 2016.

Some of our Media Works Moms shared their own media habits. See if you can guess who said what – Cheryl, Megan or Jennifer:

“Well, as a Mom, I gave up the TV remote a long time ago.  I am a sports fan and watch Washington Capitals Hockey and Orioles Baseball faithfully.  I started watching so I would have something to discuss with my husband and I just started to love sports. My favorite app is probably Facebook or GroupMe (group messaging app); they are the only ways I keep in constant contact with my best friends. We are all Moms and don’t have time to see each other more than a few times a year, but we talk every day and never have a chance to miss each other!”

“For TV, I do not like to miss the morning news or the Today Show.  I get my local news and information as well as what is happening in our country and around the world. The first channel I turn on when I sit down in the evening is HGTV or Food Network.  I like to watch House Hunters, Fixer Upper and Property Brothers. On Food, I like the competition shows; I like to see what they will make. It is difficult for me to commit to watching any prime time shows in real time. For apps, I would say Pandora. I can get music for my kids and for me.”

“I definitely use my phone for a variety of reasons. For music, I use Pandora, iTunes & iHeart. I am constantly on Facebook, but don’t always have time to post. (My husband is our family post-er and he tags me in everything.) I troll Pinterest when I’m getting ready for a party or birthday. My YouTube app is also open because my kids constantly want to watch video content. I also use mobile for information & updates. I have the WBAL-TV app for school closings & weather alerts. My daughter has a school-related app called Class Dojo, where her teacher uploads photos and information that we can see and respond to. She knows how to get into the app and change her avatar too, so it really serves two purposes for us: information from her educator and entertainment for her.”