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PlayStation Vue Expands Nationwide and Offers New Video Streaming Options

Comments  /  Allison Shields

3-24-16 PlayStation Vue Blog Photo

Cord Cutters, rejoice! Sony recently announced that that they will be expanding their TV streaming service to more 200 markets across the country with PlayStation Vue! This comes after Vue’s initial success in a handful of markets including NYC, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, San Francisco, and Miami.

Not familiar with PlayStation Vue? Let us fill you in! If you have a PlayStation and an Internet connection, you can access TV programming with a Vue subscription. While this has been the case with streaming services like Hulu and Sling for a while, Vue includes network TV stations in a Video On-Demand capacity. And, the real game changer is that it includes LIVE Cable content with none of the hassle of a Cable contract!

Until recently, users in the original Vue markets could only subscribe to a $40/month package that included the four key broadcast networks – ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. While this hasn’t changed yet for those markets, new markets have access to “Slim” packages. The cheapest Slim package costs $30 per month and gets you 55+ channels, including live cable, movie and sports networks. There are 2 more expensive packages with add-ons, including more sports, movie, and entertainment networks. There are also stand-alone options if you are only interested in watching channels such as Showtime or Fox Soccer. Sony has plans to add more broadcast streaming to additional markets down the line.

Subscribers won’t need to wait an average of 24 hours to watch their favorite Cable shows on streaming services like Hulu. And, if you subscribe to Vue, you can watch shows live. The days of hiding from Walking Dead spoilers on Facebook are in the past! And even if you wanted to binge watch a show, you could still take advantage of the cloud-based DVR option included in your subscription, which gives you 28 days to get caught up.

Vue is the answer today’s Cord-Cutters and Cord-Nevers have been waiting for! It provides on demand content for broadcast AND cable networks and allows users to watch content live. No other streaming video service has been able to offer this combination.

Naturally, Media Works looks at Vue from an advertiser’s perspective, and when we hear the words “live content”, we know that means “live ads”. It will be a while before local advertising is available through the service, but we anticipate that Vue will be huge hit for viewers and advertisers alike!