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MW Picks: Favorite Holiday TV Ads

Comments  /  Emma Curry

With less than two weeks until Christmas, you have probably been inundated with Holiday advertising. However, some of the best Holiday TV campaigns have been running for years, and still appeal to consumers today.

Favorite Holiday Ads - Corona

Here are our picks for the Top 5 Holiday TV spots to get you in the Holiday spirit:

  1. “Misunderstood” by Apple: In this technology-driven world, it seems as if every teenager is absorbed by his or her mobile device, which is why this 2013 ad tugs at the heart strings. Spoiler alert: if you haven’t seen this one, you may be crying right along with his family.


  1. “Oh Tannenpalm” by Corona Extra: This ad originally came from Mexico in 1990, but has a timeless appeal. With so much emphasis on decorating the Christmas tree, it’s nice to see how people living in warm climates decorate for Christmas!


  1. “Hershey’s Holiday Bells” by Hershey’s: Simple, festive and one of the classics. This 1989 ad stood the test of time and continues to play today. Just looking at those red and green wrappers makes us what to eat a Hershey’s kiss – and play the hand bells!


  1. “The Stagecoach and the Snowman“ by Wells Fargo: Based on the true story of Wells Fargo’s founder, John Sullivan, this spot has it all: an iconic stagecoach, beautiful horses, friendly snowmen and a snowy, last-minute package delivery for the Holidays!


  1. “Faint” by M&M’S: A classic from 1996, watch as Red and Green M&M meet Santa for the first time and answer the age-old question, “Does Santa really exist?”


So, which one is your favorite? #MediaMatters