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Google+: Social Marketing+ So Much More

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It finally happened… my curiosity got the best of me. At first I couldn’t bear to even read about Google+ considering the amount of time I have spent in the past few years setting up and maintaining my Facebook page. Why would I need yet another means to share pictures and stories with my friends & family (and distract me at home & work)? The truth is I probably don’t. However, I am just a single social person. My prosperity is not dependent on my efforts to brand myself or in getting my message out to the masses.  BUT the overall success of our clients truly is based on these factors. I can no longer ignore the fact that there is a major new player in the world of Social Marketing. And this heavy hitter can provide some very exciting advertising opportunities for our client base.

At AdTech New York in November, keynote speaker Christian Oestlian, Lead in Social Advertising with Google, explained exactly why and how brands and companies should be using Google+. Christian broke down the information by highlighting 5 of the most common     problems facing marketers and then providing a Google+ solution for each.

Google+ has managed to bridge the very real gap between search & social. Google can now track users from search to websites and back to social. This allows Google to target users continuously as they surf the web. For example: A user visits the Jiffy Lube website and views the oil change info then leaves the page without scheduling the service (converting). When they hit G+ you could serve this user with a targeted ad – “Don’t wait to change your oil! Click here for a $7 off coupon.” Priceless.

In case it isn’t obvious yet, I’m sold. The ability to link all aspects of our client’s online identity together and create a cohesive brand that fans/customers/users can search & engage with is amazing. In closing, I have to agree with Sherilynn Macale, the Social Media Editor for The Next Web, who believes, “Google+ is the future of search branding and marketing, encouraging the brand-to-user and user-to-brand experience through more intimate and personal engagement.” Now we just need to get our clients on board!

Author: Jacoba Deming